Monthly Archives: May 2021

Recognizing the humanity within the LGBTQ community

Why is it that some number of people want to deprive members of the LGBTQ community of the fundamental rights that everyone else enjoys? What’s so hard about recognizing the humanity of the LGBTQ community? Listen to Densil Porteous, executive director of Stonewall Columbus, talk about how he uses grace and patience to help people move beyond the social constructs they’ve learned and his efforts to change the hearts of those who think the LGBTQ community should be treated differently.

Inside the walls

Ohio houses some 50,000 men and women in its penitentiaries. Former warden Christine Money describes life inside the walls and an innovative program she now directs that helps inmates successfully  reenter society. Some of these former offenders have been inside the walls for over 35 years, and almost all of them are doing exceptionally well.