Monthly Archives: April 2021

Location a big factor in determining likelihood of success

It’s no secret that some parts of metro Columbus make it tough to succeed because of crime and lack of resources. Amy Klaben, project facilitator for Move to Prosper, tells us about the success 10 single mothers and their children are having now that they’re relocated from low-income, low-resource neighborhoods to neighborhoods that provide more opportunities. You really can move to prosper.


The death penalty–a physician’s point of view

Jonathan Groner is a pediatric surgeon and the medical director of the Center for Pediatric Trauma Research at Nationwide Children’s Hospital, who has been vocal in his opposition to the Death Penalty. This isn’t just an academic exercise for Dr. Groner. He’s been to Death Row and examined Death Row inmates whose executions were botched. Listen to him describe the Hippocratic Paradox that medical professionals face when asked to assist with executions and explain why the Death Penalty should be abolished.